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July 2017
Congratulations Micah Joy, short-termer Gracie, Donna's completion of projects (like Safe House courtyard) and pray for work permits.
January 2017
2016 in review: joys and annoyances. 2017 the resolutions and what's ahead. Support Oppurtunity: Paul and Donna's support is low.
December 2016
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Plus an update on each member of the Cox Family, 2016 highlights and support situation.
June 2015
Congratulations Nehemiah, update on Micah Joy's surgery, goodbye to TWR, furlough calendar and support information.
April 2015
The Cox family is leaving TWR to teach at ATS, Nehemiah's upcoming graduation, Micah Joy having jaw surgery and upcoming furlough.
December 2014
Top ten Christmas wish list, update on What is Says, What it Means and Why You Should Care, Spiritual Growth Through Doctrine seminar, teaching Elements of Greek at Africa Theological Seminary, the kid's drama, Micah Joy's birthday and wrapping up the year at Helping Hands.
September 2014
Work Permits received, boxes unpacked, What it Says, What it Means and Why You Should Care draft complete, Donna working with Helping Hands and life as a short term missionary with the Cox Family by Alyssa Duarte.
June 2014
"It is in a Box" (or in other words we still do not have our work permits), Expiring Visa + Aging Dad + Visiting Mom = Road Trips and What is Says, What it Means and Why You Should Care
March 2014
Hello Kenya! Update on move to Kenya, some of the kids events including Nehemiah's banquet and difficulty leaving Benin.
December 2013
FAQ about Kenya move; looking back 2013, looking forward 2014; and visitors and container.
October 2013
The Cox family is moving to Kenya where Paul will take on a new role: Director of Discipleship and the Cox family B&B
July 2013
Huge step forward with NGO status, time with Nehemiah & Miriam in Kenya, the Jesus Film under the mango tree, Operation Christmas Child, and supporting our kids
April 2013
Trust in me my child, new home and dedication, visit of Kalie, more workers for TWR and Paul pursuing PhD
January 2013
Looking forward to 2013, Looking back at 2012 and Furlough update
October 2012
Frequently Asked Questions
July 2012
Furlough update and calendar, report on the Cox kids and Donna's visit to Kenya to see them, new administrative assistant for BTS and more on the NGO status.
April 2012
Cox furlough August through December 2012. Change in Paul's role and new role for Donna. New missionary houses being built. Donna's trip to South Africa. Cox kids home in April.
January 2012
Happy New Year. 2012 year ahead. 2011 year in review. We will be in US for furlough August through December 2012. Paul led devotions at TWR Africa International Partners Conference.
October 2011
Family Fun Day. Good bye to two families, summer interns & Christopher Cherry. Critical failures and a missed process.
July 2011
Dr Mbennah Visits Benin to Work on NGO Status and Shortwave License, Lots of Visitors and Activities and Miriam will head to RVA.
April 2011
Update on fasting and prayer, Donna and Miriam visit RVA and help wanted add
February 2011
Call to fasting and prayer, family front, kids corner by Miriam and help wanted add
November 2010
Top 10 things we are thankful for and 10 prayer requests
August 2010
Short wave license, time in Cotonou, administrative tasks, installing satellite downlinks in Burkina Faso, comings and goings & Micah Joy going to RVA
May 2010
Short wave, NGO and strategic planning update, RVA Corner, kid club growth, TWR listeners, spiritual battle & Reaching Beyond Barriers
February 2010
Holidays with Nehemiah; TWR news; Blog excerpt on beauty and Prayer requests
November 2009
New day for TWR Africa, Bible Club, Nehemiah loves RVA, Shortermer Kara & Top 10 Thankful List for 2009
Nation wide radio interview, back in Benin, shortwave application, US highlights and prayer requests
Unexpected events in the US, Paul studying French in Quebec, you know your in the US when... and prayer requests
Time in U.S. and Speaking Schedule, Launch of website and blogs, Prayer Requests
Frequently Asked Questions
Home assignment Feb-Apr; Vacation in South Africa; Teacher situation
Dedication of broadcasting site; New vehicle & its first problem;
Benin AM on the air; Donna’s reflections on “crippledness”
Containers now on site; Chuck & Darlene Saunders helping
First report from Benin; Delay in arrival of containers; Homeschooling in cooperation with other missionary families;
Tickets booked for Benin; Equipment shipments
Frequently Asked Questions
Appeal letter
Cox tour
Benin broadcast license granted; Miriam becomes believer; Micah Joy baptized; Paul’s graduation
In Quebec learning French; Benin update; Children’s Bible club
French language school in Canada; Paul’s Benin trip
Dallas home sold; Paul in Benin to help build broadcast tower
Frequently Asked Questions
Returning to TWR—Benin; Paul’s ordination; Donna teaching at community college; Paul writing thesis
Donna writing curriculum; Mission agencies under consideration
From UPS to counseling; Donna teaching; Consideration of future place of ministry
Halfway through seminary; Thankful list; family is growing up
Overwhelming semester at DTS; new home; DTS Children’s Mission Conference
Life in Dallas; Thankful list; Seeking Masters of Theology in Pastoral Care
At Dallas Theological Seminary; Crazy schedules
Hope in tragedy; Paul to attend Dallas Theological Seminary; Family news; Transition of Paul’s engineering responsibilities
Family news; Paul’s engineering job; Project Hannah in Angola; Cox family leaving Swaziland
Birth of Miriam; Bud Tidman visit; Mozambique studio

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