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july 2015
training african leaders

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what is africa theological seminary (ats)?
ATS is a non-denominational, post-secondary institution of higher learning whose founders and staff are passionately and faithfully committed to train, equip, and empower Christian Leaders already involved in Ministry. Its motto is: “Training the heart, instructing the mind, empowering the hand.” Its main campus is in Kitale, Kenya, about eight hours Northwest of Nairobi.

ICM logo
what is international christian ministries (icm)?
ICM trains, equips and disciples leaders to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission. It has two main avenues for developing Christian leaders: the Christian Leadership Institute (CLI) and Africa Theological Seminary (ATS). Both of these programs focus on providing quality training with aim of discipling participants. It works in over 20 countries. In addition, ICM is the 501(c)(3) organization that receives support for Paul and Donna.

what is the relationship between ats and icm?
ATS is a ministry of ICM.

what will you be doing at ats?
Paul and Donna will be teaching, researching and writing. Paul will work mainly in the area of New Testament and theology. Donna will work in the area of children's ministry.

how can i get involved?
First and foremost, you can pray for ATS and for the Cox family as they minister at ATS. The latest prayer requests are on their prayer blog. To get prayer request via email please subscribe. You can also encourage the Cox family via email or Facebook, visit contact us. Mission trips or visits to the Cox family is another great way to be involved. Visit Get Involved or contact Paul and Donna for more information.

do you still raise support?
Yes, Paul and Donna are still raising support to serve at ATS. Three accounts have been established. If you would like to give financially you must indicate the account(s) you would prefer.

  “Paul and Donna Cox Personal Support MU 020090 Fund 2001”
This is the most common account to which people give. It is for living expenses: salary, rent, utilities, health insurrance, etc...
 “Paul and Donna Cox Ministry Expenses MU 020090 Fund 2012”
This account is for ministry expenses: travel, equipment (computers, printer, projector), mailings, etc...
  “Safe House Project MU 020091 Fund 2006”
This account is for the Safe House which is temporary shelter for children where Donna ministers (see below for more information)
ICM has three Ways to give on either a recurring basis or as a one time gift.

One, Give by Credit Card
Follow the link below to International Christian Ministries' (ICM) secure donation site for the Coxes. Complete the information requested. Be sure to select your account preference.

Give Online

Two, Give by Bank Transfer (ACH)
Follow the link below to International Christian Ministries' (ICM) secure donation site for the Coxes. Complete the information requested. Be sure to select your account preference.

Give Online

Three, give by check
A.  Make the check payable to ICM
B.  Leave the memo line blank
C.  Include a note indicating the portion of the check you prefer for each account:
$_______  “Paul & Donna Cox Personal Support MU 020090 Fund 2001”
$_______ “Paul & Donna Cox Ministry Expenses MU 020090 Fund 2012”
$_______  “Safe House Project MU 020091 Fund 2006”
D.Send the check and the note to:
International Christian Ministries
PO Box 129
Monument, CO, 80132

For your convenience here is a response card that you can print and use when sending it a check.
Response Card

ICM’s preference is to avoid the use of the memo line on checks. For those who use Bill Pay or just prefer to use the memo line use the link below for instructions:

Instructions to use Memo Line

As a faithful steward, ICM endeavors to honor the preferences of God’s people when they give. However, as a 501(c)(3), and in the language of the IRS: Contributions are solicited with the understanding that ICM has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

how is your support level?
At this time Paul and Donna’s support level is a bit low. Please pray with them about this as they look forward to seeing what God is going to do. If you want to be part of God’s provision, see above for details or contact Paul or Donna.

who attends ats?
ATS operates on an in-service model so those attending are pastors or others currently involved in Christian ministry.

how does the in-service model work?
Students come to ATS three times a year for five weeks at a time. During these five weeks they will complete the classroom portion of three courses, each course lasts ten days. The students then return to ministry for three months before they return for their next set of courses. While the students are away from ATS they complete the homework portion of their courses, which is designed to be incorporated into their ministry.

why did you leave twr?
In short, Paul’s position with TWR was eliminated at the same time the Lord opened the door for Paul and Donna to teach at ATS. For the longer Cox Waterfallexplanation see:

will you be moving?
From Naivasha, Lord willing, no…. To a different house in Naivasha, yes. Paul and Donna’s lease expired a few months before they left Kenya and during those few months they housesat for some friends. Upon their arrival back in Kenya in January, they will need to find a new house to rent in Naivasha.

what are the plans for the cox kids?
Nehemiah will start university in August at Oklahoma Christian University ( in Edmund, OK. He will be studying history. Micah Joy and Miriam, after a short visit in the US in August, will return to boarding school at Rift Valley Academy ( Fortunately they will be able to rejoin the rest of the family in the States for Christmas.

how can you live in naivasha and teach in kitale, which is six hours away?
Since ATS uses an inservice model, Paul and Donna will go to Kitale, teach one or two courses (ten days in length) and then return to Naivasha so that they are closer to Micah Joy and Miriam when they are not teaching. From Naivasha they will develop courses, track students, grade, research and write for ATS.

how will this change impact donna's current ministry with children in naivasha?
Over the last 18 months, Donna has been involved with two ministries with children: the Naivasha Safe House (a temporary shelter where the government takes children who have to be removed from their homes) and Helping Hands (an inclusion school that has handicap children integrated into their classrooms). Donna will continue her ministry at the Safe House when she is not in Kitale. ICM has graciously accepted Donna's ministry with Safe House as a project so that people who want to give financially to help the Safe House can do so through ICM. With Donna's new responsibilities at ICM she will have to give up her work at the Helping Hands. Though she has promised to help from time to time with teacher training at Helping Hands when possible.

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