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The Cox Family
February 2009

Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Ministry in West Africa:

5. Who is Trans World Radio (TWR)?
TWR is an international Christian broadcaster with 14 major transmitting sites throughout the world. TWR's goal is to assist the church to make disciples by proclaiming the gospel and instructing believers in biblical doctrine via radio.

4. Why Radio?
Radio represents a powerful medium for sharing the good news of Christ's redemption and teaching the scriptures, especially to the many remote oral societies in West Africa. Given the low literacy rate in West Africa and the almost exclusive use of oral communication in day-to-day life, radio is a natural means of delivery. The fact that there are few broadcasts in local languages also increases the effectiveness of radio. These broadcasts are not meant to replace or diminish local churches. Rather, the goal of these broadcasts is to assist and strengthen local churches as well as help start local churches where none exist.

3. What do you do?
TWR operates a 100,000-watt AM transmitter (which is a big transmitter) outside of Parakou, Benin. It has the potential to reach 194 million people, of which 45 million are unreached (i.e. have never heard the gospel, see below for more detail). TWR broadcasts the gospel and biblical teaching from Benin in 19 different languages. Paul is the station director in Benin and helps with engineering. He is also developing the Benin staff to increase their effectiveness and develop them for future leadership. Donna helps with TWR hostess responsibilities and works with Parakou Christian School, a small home schooling co-op that our children attend.

2. Why are you ministering in West Africa when there are needs here in the United States?
It is the desire of our hearts to see God glorified throughout the world and in our lives. To that end, we want our lives to be used for His sake wherever He leads us. We know that there are many real needs in the United States. We also know that there are many people, resources, ministries and churches in the U.S. to help meet those needs. That is not the case in many other parts of the world. For example, in North America there are over 5,000 Christian workers per million people while in West Africa there are only 400 Christian workers per million people.

And the number one question is…

1. How can I be involved with TWR and the Cox family?
First, we would covet your prayers as we live and work in West Africa where many countries are underdeveloped. Second, being away from family and friends can be difficult; hence, emails are helpful and encouraging. See for the latest prayer requests and family updates. Third, there is an opportunity for you to be financially involved with our ministry in Africa. There is a shortfall of $301,000 per year for programs that TWR has started broadcasting. There are a number or reasons for this. For some programs, the original sponsor is no longer able to sponsor the program. Others are programs where TWR took a step of faith and started broadcasting, believing God to provide the finances. In addition, there is a need of $48,000 to cover capital expense needs in Benin. If you wish to partner with us in any of these areas, please contact us.

Financial gifts should be sent to:

Trans World Radio
P.O. Box 8700
Cary, NC 27512-8700

Please use one of the following on the memo line of your check:
“BENIN PROGRAMMING OPCOX” to sponsor Benin programs
“BENIN EQUIPMENT PROJECT” to help with capital expenses
“PAUL & DONNA COX” to support Paul and Donna

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Click for larger image

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

How long have you been involved with TWR?
From 1999 to 2001, we worked with TWR in Swaziland. Paul worked as a studio and transmitter engineer. Donna worked as TWR hostess and facilitated Sunday school workshops for numerous churches. While we were in Swaziland, we were astonished at the spiritual needs that presented themselves (even though Paul's official job was engineering). This “unofficial” ministry made us aware that Paul needed more training. From 2002 to 2005, Paul completed an intensive four-year Master's of Theology program at Dallas Theological Seminary. At the beginning of 2006, we returned to TWR and studied the French language for one year in Québec, Canada, after which we quickly raised the rest of our support and arrived in Benin in May of 2007.

How safe is it?
We know that the best place to be is where God wants us. However, Benin is a stable democracy. The greatest concern is lack of adequate health-care facilities in the event of serious illness or injury. Another concern is for safe travel as the roads are in poor condition and some drivers are careless.

How much longer will you be in Africa?
We have made a career commitment to TWR. In other words, we will be missionaries with TWR until God moves us somewhere else. Missionaries with TWR normally serve a three-year term and then take a four-month furlough in the U.S. before returning for another term.

What is an unreached people group and how many can be reached with the TWR Benin broadcasts?
An unreached people group is where there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group without requiring outside (cross-cultural) assistance. There are eleven major unreached people groups who can hear our broadcasts. The table below summaries these major groups and the status of broadcasts in their language.

People Group
Millions of People
In Prayer
In Prayer
Kanuri Mange
In Prayer


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